Artist Spotlight: Brick Piggy Pottery

Ceramic Mug — Brick Piggy Pottery, MA — $25.00

Brick Piggy Pottery’s Mugs Warm the Soul

A Perfect Moment

There are days when a hot cup of tea creates a perfect moment. I have always liked tea, but sometimes having a mug that fits perfectly in your hand just feels so cozy and somehow makes the tea taste better.

When I received my first handcrafted mug from Brick Piggy Pottery, I audibly gasped in excitement because it was so beautiful. I ordered it to see if it would be a good fit for the Touch of New England subscription box and specifically for our “Winter Wonderland” box, and I loved it immediately. The weight of it, the shape of it, the look of it- all exactly what I wanted before I even knew I wanted it.

I made a cup of tea to really experience the mug and confirm it’s the quality and style for TONE. Then I made another cup of tea. Then another.

Suddenly, I couldn’t get enough tea. I started making tea daily. Without exaggeration, I had more tea in one month than in the last five years- solely because the mug is that fantastic. It feels good in my hands. It’s beautiful. I smile every time I use it, and it makes my soul happy.

So I was compelled to learn more about the Massachusetts-made mugs, about Brick Piggy Pottery, and about the artist and local small business owner Deanna O’Neill.


Deanna is a native New Englander. She was born and raised in Massachusetts and currently lives in Andover. She creates her art at The Clay School in Lynn.

Deanna’s love of pottery was ignited while attending Hofstra University where she studied Fine Arts. After college, she worked at the Worcester Center for Crafts and was able to take more pottery classes and continue to hone her skills.

Deanna moved to Brooklyn, NY for a few years where she met her husband then started a family. Normal life prevented her from getting back into a studio until fairly recently. Because of her continued love of the medium and the creativity, Deanna officially established Brick Piggy Pottery in 2020 which has provided her the platform to sell her work but also experiment with new forms and new glazing techniques. She has created custom work for her customers, including Touch of New England!


Deanna’s entrepreneurial story is one that hits home for us. We love artists and craftsmen who are dedicated to their passions. We love local small businesses and “Main Street” businesses. Our passion is to support local businesses and put their creations in your hands, and we hope it feels as perfect in your hands as it does in ours.

As Deanna says, “No two pieces are exactly alike, and all pieces are imperfectly perfect and a little flawed… like all of us. If you believe life should be fun with a dash of whimsy and show some of its flaws from time to time, you will love Brick Piggy’s pottery.”

We echo Deanna sentiment that we hope everyone who owns one of her pieces loves it “for a long time and in good health.”




Ceramic Mug — Brick Piggy Pottery, MA — $25.00

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