Artist Spotlight: Monadnock Mittens

Monadnock Mittens Warms You Through Upcycling

The Joy of Discovery

We started using upcycled wool mittens before Senator Bernie Sanders made it trendy.

Upcycling has found a new champion in Monadnock Mittens. They raised the bar on recycling and reuse, and they’ve done it with New England style. Monadnock Mittens is an eco-friendly, mother/daughter team based in New Hampshire. They upcycle unwanted wool sweaters into the cutest mittens to keep you cozy and stylish in the winter.

When I encountered them, I didn’t realize the handmade mittens were upcycled; I only saw adorable mittens that were exactly the style I was seeking for our “Winter Wonderland” box. How serendipitous!

Save the Earth

At Touch of New England, we believe in maintaining responsibility to protect the planet by reducing our waste, reusing items, and being aware of how we are impacting the planet. Monadnock Mittens echoes that sentiment, but with flair.

This dynamic team has always loved creating together. So it seemed natural when Emily (daughter) took an interest in designing and sewing mittens, that Janice (mother) would join her. Because wool has been an important part of their family for a long time, they focus on that medium. Emily’s grandfather was a wool buyer in Boston for 45 years.

Wool is a natural fiber that is warm, breathable, odor resistant, biodegradable, resilient, and easy to care for. What more could you want in mittens?

These artists find unwanted sweaters where the wool still has more to give in beauty and warmth, then use their skills to turn these sweaters into a new product. Each pair is unique and handmade. They’ve been selling their goods locally for years at fairs and retail shops, and now Touch of New England can bring them to you.

After I found these mittens, I ordered a pair immediately. They sent the most adorable, cozy mittens I’ve ever owned, and that is not an exaggeration. The photos simply do not capture the softness and quality in every handcrafted pair. They are just magnificent.

It Gets Better

Want to hear something even more awesome? This company also supports Basha, an organization that helps women in need in Bangladesh. They have several family members who work closely with Basha, changing the lives of women globally.

Monadnock Mittens is a small business that reduces waste by upcycling, they support organizations which support women globally, and they are skilled artists. I couldn’t be prouder to support local business by working with them and showing you how amazing they really are. Janice, Emily, and I all hope you love their artistry.



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