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New England Themed Subscription Box

If you’ve ordered subscription boxes before, you know that sometimes what you get is not what you expected. Maybe you ordered a box because the photos captivated you. They were bright; they exuded an energy. But what you actually received differed and looked more second-hand than unique and charming.

That has definitely happened to me. What I received month after month in one particular subscription is the same stuff I could buy at a big box store, and I was soooo frustrated. (That repeated experience is actually what spawned Touch of New England!)

So, What’s in a Touch of New England Subscription Box?

First and foremost, every item is curated from New England-based businesses and artists, from . We strive to provide products that aren’t just designed in New England, but are produced here also.

Second, you can expect quality. As I mentioned, I’ve received dozens of subscription boxes myself where I was very underwhelmed. In some boxes, I literally had no use for any of the products. Instead of that experience for you, our goal is to Wow you. We put substantial effort into finding just the right products for each theme, like the dessert plates from Peter Pots Pottery or the coasters from Mystic Knotwork.

Third, you can expect value. Each box has a retail value of up to $100, and frankly, often more than that! We always try to add a little something extra and unexpected as a bonus item.

Fourth, you can expect practicality and fun. We want you to love and use each item you receive. In the Maple Madness box, for example, the syrups are amazing. Ah-MA-zing. But we also added some fun surprises, like the maple-scented waffle soap from Chubby Chico Charms. How fun! AND practical!

HI Noël YouTube Review

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just recently, YouTuber Extraordinaire HI Noel posted a review of one of our boxes so you can see the quality and value. Check out her review here! Side note: If you sign up and use promo code MAUINOEL10, you’ll get $10 off your first box!

Subscription Box Reviews

You can also scroll through our social media to see some testimonials from real users and see what they have to say. These are real people posting real reviews of our collections.

Unique Gifts

We’ve also found that our boxes make excellent gifts. Some people buy subscriptions for family and friends, and some people gift just an item or a few from our collections. We get repeated notes from customers about how they loved an item, but someone they know really likes that particular thing, so they gifted it. We support it! Each item we choose is quality, it’s fun, and it’s something we would truly enjoy ourselves.

Subscribe to Touch of New England subscription boxes knowing you can trust the quality in each box. Our goal is to curate a collection you will love, and we do our best for you.



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