What’s in the Box: Cherish

Celebrate What You Love and Cherish

If 2020 did anything for us at Touch of New England, it made us appreciate what we have. It made us take a deep breath and remember the good stuff. We’ve rekindled our love for the planet, for our neighbors, and for ourselves. Our passion has been reignited.

We rediscovered how to cherish, and we want to share it with you.

"Love Spell" candle from Backyard Candles
photo courtesy of Backyard Candles

The Planet

 We love Earth, so we naturally love partners who find unique and interesting ways to protect and honor it. From upcycling to reducing waste, producers included in our Cherish subscription box theme believe in protecting the planet. The “Hearts on a Wire” Swedish dishcloth printed by Wink in Vermont is a highly absorbent, all-natural material that can replace up to 17 rolls of paper towels. They are reusable and can be machine washed.

The creator at Backyard Candles in Connecticut upcycles components like coconut shells, bottles, and ceramics when producing his candle collections. The company name comes from the belief that we all share a collective backyard, a sentiment we love. They do their part protecting the earth by using natural waxes and clean burning cotton and cedar-wood wicks, in addition to upcycling.

The People

Strawberry Creme Lollopops from Popette of Pendulum
photo courtesy of Popette of Pendulum

In addition to our planet, we have also relearned to cherish each other. What better way to remind your loved one of your commitment than by giving an unexpected “Heart Bouquet” card from Middle Dune in Maine? These paper products were created using traditional methods. Their cards, notebooks, and paper products are made by hand – from letterpress and silkscreen printing to hand sewn bindings.

That kind of care and dedication can also be seen in the sweets produced by Popette of Pendulum in Rhode Island. They source natural and organic ingredients from the best of what nature has to offer. These scrumptious lollipops are also gluten-free, nut-free, allergen-free, and kosher, so you can share them with virtually anyone you love! (But note you may want to eat them all yourself.)

The Self

While we cherish the planet and our fellow man, we cannot thrive without also cherishing ourselves. That’s why we’ve included a pampering bath set for you in “Raspberry Rush” by Chubby Chico Charms in New Hampshire. This mother/daughter team started in jewelry design before expanding into the body line as well. Through their fundraising program, they have helped raise funds for a plethora of organizations, so you can feel good with selfcare while knowing the Good is recycling.

And what better way to treat yourself than with a sweet treat? While you could share this with someone you cherish, we recommend eating this jumbo peanut butter cup by yourself! CB Stuffer in Massachusetts is a family-operated company providing this indulgent treat which is handmade and eco-friendly. You won’t believe how delicious this is!

Feel the Love

Last, but absolutely not least, we cherish you! Let us pamper you with a bonus treat! Will it be from Small Batch Organics? The Bites Company? Pepperidge Farms? Or something else? They are ALL are amazing. Sharing is acceptable but absolutely not required.

We hope you love our Cherish collection as much as we do. Let us know what you cherish, and how you show it. Share your thoughts with us!



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