Why Touch of New England?

Where to start?

There are three things I truly love: New England, entrepreneurs, and Oxford commas. The first two were the genesis of Touch of New England.

At the onset of a global pandemic, frustration erupted with my employer’s sudden inability to help local small businesses as it had before. I felt compelled to do something.

I’ve watched my parents open and operate two successful businesses. Watching their experience created a genuine appreciation and passion for entrepreneurship. My career has often focused on enhancing and supporting small businesses, but I still always hoped to operate my own.

Then a pandemic changed everything.

The Genesis

Two months into the pandemic, I was opening a package I had ordered from a subscription box company. With each item I removed from the box, irritation grew. I expected better quality for the price I paid. As Jon Taffer has repeatedly referenced, it’s not about the product; it’s about creating an experience. Unfortunately, this company did not create the experience I expected.

I voiced this frustration to my husband, who was very aware of my prolonged love of subscription boxes. “I want things that are interesting and unique, not something I can buy at any random department store,” I complained aggressively.

He looked me directly in the eyes and said, “So create your own box.”

For years, I have preached- and lived by- the philosophy that we should support local businesses because they are the essence of our community. I love small businesses and local craftsmen. But with full disclosure, I also love getting packages in the mail. This apparent dichotomy was a source of guilt for years. So when my husband suggested I create a subscription box that people would order online [Gasp! For shame!] rather than visit local businesses, I was offended. How dare he spout such nonsense?

He noted my passion for local and Main Street businesses and said I could help get their products into the hands of others who also love quality, crafted, New England-based goods.


Lightbulbs burst in my brain. I do love local businesses. And I do love subscription boxes. And I can do both…?!

From that a-ha moment, Touch of New England was born.

Every day of this business has been fantastic. I love meeting with the creators, curating themed boxes, and planning for more. I love business plans, budgets, and spreadsheets.

So here we are today with New England goods, entrepreneurship, and Oxford commas. I hope you love them as much as I do.




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