What’s in the Box: Winter Wonderland

6 Things to Make Your Winter a Wonderland

Cozy, Quaint, & Charming

When I imagine winter in New England, my first thoughts are of scenic landscapes and colonial homes dusted in layers of snow. I instantly imagine sounds of crackling fireplaces and lingering scents of pine trees and cranberries. I crave horse-drawn carriage rides.

My second thoughts are of the not-so-picturesque sides of winter in New England: the nor’easters and the shoveling and the frigid cold. New Englanders are undoubtedly a tough people, willing to endure a harsh climate because the culture in New England is worth it.

That’s why our Winter Wonderland box contains quaint, beautiful products that are also practical. This makes a perfect gift box, for a loved one or for yourself. If you live in New England, this box will help you endure the winter. If you live elsewhere, this collection will have you longing for its majesty.

So What’s in the Box?


Photo by @travelikealocalvt on Instagram

We’ve included amazing Monadnock Mitten Company mittens to keep your hands cozy while you venture out. These aren’t just any mittens; these are made in New Hampshire from upcycled from wool sweaters and are delicately soft and extraordinarily beautiful.

We’ve also provided you with skin care products to protect against dry winter skin. To keep you comfortable and soft, use the Connecticut-based Guardians Farm lip balm and goat milk lotion.

To nourish your insides, we’ve included the Buttered Maple popcorn from Inpopnito in Rhode Island. We won’t admit how many bags we’ve eaten so far.

To accompany your popcorn- and warm you up- enjoy the Silly Cow Farms hot chocolate. We adore this Vermont company and their delicious cocoa. Their charming milk bottle-shaped jars look great sitting on your counter all winter long- if the cocoa lasts that long!

What better way to enjoy your hot cocoa than in custom-made mugs from Brick Piggy Pottery in Massachusetts? While enjoying your cocoa (or an “adult” hot chocolate to feel extra warm), warm your hands by holding something that radiates quality and beauty like these mugs.

Speaking of radiating, we all know how a good nor’easter can cause power outages, so it’s best to be prepared with candles. Since you’ll need candles anyway, have beautiful ones! We are obsessed with Seapoint Chandlers’s collection. This artist captures the nature and beauty of Maine.

I truly love each of these products and cannot wait to share them with you.

What helps you appreciate and enjoy a quaint New England winter? Share your thoughts with us!




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