What’s in the Box: Pump Up the Jam

Pump Up The Jam Box

Take Snacking to a New Level

That’s My Jam

It’s finally 2021, a new year following the craziest decade-long year we’ve ever experienced.

I made a resolution to never live through 2020 again. Fingers crossed.

The most common New Year’s resolution is to get healthy. It’s a great goal. Personally though, I think it’s WAY more fun to eat. So instead of pumping iron, I propose we Pump Up the Jam!

We assembled the tastiest combination of jams and jellies, then found incredible accompaniments for them. Start your new year right, with flavors and fun.

So What’s in the Box?


Check out the jam from the iconic brand Stonewall Kitchen in made in Maine. We couldn’t decide between New England Cranberry Grape Jelly or Apricot Jam. Both are unfairly amazing. Stonewall Kitchen offers recipes online for Cranberry Grape, including appetizer meatballs. (Yum!) And I highly recommend adding the Apricot Jam on top of overly-dry entrees you cook. For example, imagine you make a meatloaf but overcook it. Smear Apricot Jam on top, and it’s suddenly incredible. Don’t ask how I know. Just trust me.

Photo by @stonewallkitchen on Instagram

We also couldn’t decide between two made-in-Massachusetts brands: Trappist Preserves and R. E. Kimball. Monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey craft all-natural Trappist Preserves. Family-owned Kimball handmakes & focuses on purity and simplicity. Both are amazing.

The Gracious Gourmet has created an interesting option in their Connecticut business. This sweet & savory jam is wildly versatile for toast, stir-fry, & more. Aleppo peppers and lime juice add a zing & brightness to mangoes in this delicious gourmet jam.

Any of these jams & jellies are delicious on the incredible White Wine Crackers from Jack’s Crackers. Their products are made with natural ingredients sourced as close to their New Hampshire location as possible. Many are also vegan friendly, with no animal products at all. Toss a sliver of cheese on a cracker, then top with any of these jams. Perfection.

Load your dessert plate from Peter Pots Pottery with crackers, jams, fruits, and more. Beautiful & practical, this elegant plate is a gorgeous addition to improve your snacking. Each piece is completely handcrafted in Rhode Island.

Elevate your snacking presentation by using this cutting & serving board from Manchester Woodcraft. It’s as adorable as it is practical. It was handmade in Vermont with quality & care using maple, walnut, & cherry woods. Care instructions are included in our box to help protect your board.

But Wait. There’s More!

Because messes can happen when eating, we’ve tossed in a green botanical print towel which was custom made for The Gracious Gourmet.

And if we haven’t eaten them all already, we’ll also toss in a little snack for you. But no guarantees. As noted, I love to eat…

We hope you love Pump Up the Jam as much as we do. Each product is carefully crafted and served to you with excitement.

What are your favorite snacks? Did you make any resolutions to avoid them? Share your thoughts with us!




Pump Up The Jam Box

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